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Indeca 4D

PRODUCT SERVICES Since March 2018 we have been offering our own Mixed Reality Platform (MIX) featuring software modules for all industries. This platform allows MR-users immediate success and benefits. No MR-experience or knowledge is needed.

• AssetBox: Converting & optimizing 3D-CAD-models and administration (role, mandates, user) for different client viewers such as HoloLens, browsers, smartphones & tablets

• Assistance: Remote Tele Assistance – Multi-user & multi-device (HoloLens, smartphones, tablets, browsers)

• LINK: Experiencing & showing CAD-models and products in AR on smartphones & tablets directly from a company website with only one click and without login

• HoloCAD: Simple conversion from CAD-models directly from CATIA V5 onto the HoloLens considering specific requirements of the automotive industry

• Journey: Easily creating customer journeys with Microsoft HoloLens

• Retooling: Visualized step-by-step worker guidance such as Standard Operation Procedures including quality checks and documentation


By using state-of-the art coaching methods like Design Thinking and Lean Startup the different work shop concepts meet all requirements and interests of all management levels and company areas (functionalities). A CEO raises has got another focus than a marketing manager, area sales manager or colleagues from the shop floor or service.

When realizing a project we start from a MVP Most Viable Product. With minimum input we want to realize a maximum benefit within a productive proof of concept. We aim to get everybody enthusiastic about Mixed Reality, HOLOLENS AS A SERVICE (HaaS) in cooperation with Bechtle AG Customers who buy or lease a HoloLens from BECHTLE will be able to use HaaS. Your benefits: – Starter workshops for technology transfer – All-inclusive licences for all MIX applications – Hardware & software support – Integration & usage of other MMRP applications What’s your Unique Selling Proposition? Are there any differences towards other partner product portfolios?

• We are exclusive partner of BECHTLE AG for HoloLens as a Service

• We follow a stringent Azure-strategy including all existing Azure-Services for our Mixed Reality applications and will be indirect CSP partner

• Apart from developing standard products we focus on customized solutions consulting

• Using the MIX-platform we concentrate on converting und optimizing complex 3D-CAD-models

• We offer so called „brand-Modules“. These are customer-financed projects, which become a standard 4D-product solution. They will be offered to other customers and the financing party receives different benefits either financial or fringe benefits