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For over 20 years, OverIT has been designing and crafting innovative Field Service Management solutions to support and optimize task execution in the field with mobile technology.

The company leads its customers throughout the whole transformation process and helps them boost productivity and efficiency, while improving technician’s safety, customer experience and overall revenues.

Drawing on the extensive expertise and knowledge gained in developing projects for many multinational organizations, OverIT can boast a strong understanding of the business processes of several industries, including Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Services, Transportation and Telco. With a global focus in mind, the company works together with diverse enterprises to help them find the optimum path to excellent performance in Field Service, regardless of their size or trade volume.

At OverIT, we are firmly convinced that building applications on Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality is key to streamlining field processes. Leveraging the virtual collaboration, knowledge sharing and remote assistance capabilities provided by cutting-edge technologies, companies can arm their technicians with the latest tools to perform field tasks faster, better, and hands-free, relying on smartglasses and wearable devices.

OverIT drives its customers towards the Field Service of the future.