AR Adds a New Dimension to Financial Trading and Analysis

Room K4

AR changes the financial world as we know it. The way how people trade, make investment decisions, or monitor their banking accounts will change with AR integration. AR/MR-assisted trading and data analysis platforms empower traders and investors with advanced technology. Users can increase their productivity and dramatically improve market visualization with holographic data representation – a key element for traders needing to make important data-driven decisions quickly. When rotating, scaling or amending figures with their hands, they will get full immersion into data and richer understanding of market dynamics.
‘Spectator view’ enables to monitor and jointly analyze financial data, limiting miscommunication between advisors and clients, and strengthening decision-making.
It brings revolution in education: students or new employees learning to trade can use AR/MR-assisted fintech to study and analyze patterns using historical data and market replay, and immerse and interact with the financial market.
Amount of market data is heavily increasing, and AR is designed to make learning easier: it transforms financial information into clearer form to help students understand complicated data and identify patterns visually. So when they are equipped with data visualization tools, they can access a general picture or dive in deeper into highly specific areas easily and quickly. AR technology brings more intuitive user interface – students can view, analyze and manipulate large quantities of complex data faster. It will make the educational process more engaging.

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