Augmented Reality & Asset Management: Process Efficiency in Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Room K3

Nowadays everybody owns a smartphone: the world is at your feet with just a few clicks on your touchscreen. In the daily activities of Antea Group regarding asset- and contract management, an increase in the demand for efficiency for data-management, customization, improvement- and integration of processes can be noticed.
On this demand (generating the right data quickly, on demand on the right position) has been anticipated by Insider Navigation and Antea Group, creating a 3D Data-management System.
Based on the perceptions of increasing our data-management, a start has been made by creating an innovation project to integrate the (contract) control processes with Augmented Reality. We use a simple technique that makes it possible to display object-specific information on every device. You aim your tablet / smartphone at an object and by image recognition the information appears with AR. The technique is unique and works via a marker system: by using rectangular markers/stickers with a code, information (contract requirements, verifications, performance and inspection data) is linked to the reality. Via the tablet / smartphone object-specific information can be displayed and very important: information, accurate an linked to the physical space, can be edited on location and recorded immediately. Hence, the system is extremely suitable for contract and asset management.
With the project of ‘Augmented Reality in Schiphol’ we tested the innovative system in practice. Our assignment for the annual inspection was focused on the sanitary groups, completely digital without paper and complicated Excels but visualized with Augmented Reality (AR)! The pilot at Schiphol has been executed in collaboration with Centric, Schiphol and Insider-Navigation.

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