AURA: An Easy-to-Use Augmented Reality System for Geometric Analyses

Room E101/102

The augmented reality system AURA is being used at Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Daimler Trucks for quick and easy analyses of geometric problems. The focus of system development was on high flexibility and usability. The flexibility is particularly achieved by the use of different tracking approaches such as CAD-based tracking, square marker tracking in combination with feature based tracking and high-precision photogrammetric circle marker tracking. By selecting the appropriate tracking approach and the corresponding hardware setup it is possible to cover many different applications from the areas of quality inspection (comparisons between CAD data and the associated physical objects) and environment analyses (augmenting only virtually existing planning and product concepts onto a physical environment) both in product development and in production planning. The workflow-based user interface guides the operator step by step through the examination and lets even untrained users achieve good results in no time.

Enterprise 2 Track