Bosch Technical Trainings Supported by Augmented Reality

Hall 3

Today’s training providers are facing challenges, how to best prepare technicians to understand and maintain vehicles considering new technologies, such as driver assistance systems which are often radar and sensor driven, hybrid and electrical powertrains, connected vehicles. Augmented Reality provides an appropriate way how to explain and visualize such systems and how they operate and are being serviced.

Bosch training centers have started offering Augmented Reality driven trainings using Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses in order to train technicians to initially understand hybrid and electrical powertrains. Trainers have created the training modules using Bosch’s own Augmented Reality platform, and a new AR Training application has been introduced, allowing several HoloLens devices connecting with one joint training session.
The presentation explains about this innovative training application and it’s challenges, it describes the technical solution approach and provides initial feedback and learnings from training sessions that were held in Bosch training facilities and during public events.
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