From Prototype to Global AR roll-out with Bosch

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For over 3 years RE’FLEKT and Bosch have been working together to make Augmented Reality a part of our daily lives. The partnership has helped both companies to shape a vision to make operating and maintaining complex machinery as simple as using a home appliance. Together, both companies have experienced all the ups and downs the AR lifecycle has thrown at them to strengthen the joint ecosystem and expanded the vision to even greater depths of enterprise AR.

Through joint development and customer learnings, the two companies have built-up experience beyond the technology: the knowledge to make AR a success. In the automotive sector alone, the Bosch partnership has seen a myriad of AR applications for real-world cases with large OEMs. The same is true for various RE‘FLEKT industry customers who have been enabled to roll out and install successful AR solutions addressing real-world problems. A significant part of the success is the fact that Bosch can now apply AR for their own products and services. For example, Bosch recently introduced AR successfully into their training centers.
Together with Bosch, we will share the most essential ingredients to open up the AR world to your organization. We will tell our joint AR story from start to finish (and beyond) with insights into content approaches, strong partnership ideology, business strategy, and technical criteria. Start your enterprise AR journey today by learning how those have done it before you.
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