Show me the ROI: How AR is Transforming Decades Old Business Processes to Deliver Impressive Results

Room K3

A recent Harvard Business Review survey cited that over 68 percent of respondents believe mixed reality is important to achieving their companies’ strategic goals in the next 18 months. But what they really want to know before “augmenting” their organizations with new tech is: will the effort and investment be worth it?

Attendees will hear from AR visionary, Scott Montgomerie, who was one of the first executives to get AR tools in use by multi-billion dollar corporations. He will provide use case examples of early Fortune 500 enterprise adopters of AR and present the eye-opening ROI they are seeing, from improving worker efficiency and reducing equipment downtime and maintenance costs, to more accurately diagnosing and resolving repair issues, all of which are positively impacting the bottom line. Scott will also discuss how AR can significantly enhance knowledge transfer from retiring baby boomers to millennials and attract the next generation of workers and prevent the growing skills gap within organizations. Finally, he’ll explore where AR is at in its technological “hype cycle” and how enterprises will lead the way in making AR a mainstream technology.

Enterprise Track