Visualisation Driven Manufacturing

Room E101/102

The AMRC with Boeing Factory 2050 digital manufacturing team recognises that the manufacturing environment of the future will be driven by a network of interconnected data systems all working towards delivering intelligent automation as part of Industry 4.0. In this information rich environment, the collection, exploitation and reuse of data is critical in order to maximise the knowledge you garner from it. Alongside enterprise IoT and informatics methodologies, mobile, immersive and augmented information are recognised by Factory 2050 as being central to future manufacturing strategy. In line with just in time methodologies, immersive technologies can act as the conduit that enables operator, machine and system, to communicate more naturally, creating more advanced human / machine interfaces. As part of a suite of advanced visualisation technologies, immersive technologies can become the primary data delivery portals by which information can be delivered to the end user.

The session will explore how far down this journey we are, what are the current best in class examples and what are the most prevalent barriers at present.

Enterprise 2 Track