Andreas Lay

Technical Author for AR, RE'FLEKT

Andreas Lay is a Technical Author for Augmented Reality at RE’FLEKT, Europe’s leading Augmented and Mixed Reality Experts. Based in the technology company’s Munich Headquarters, he specializes in AR content creation and customer training with REFLEKT ONE Author.

Before joining RE’FLEKT, Andreas began his career in the automotive sector as a trained industrial mechanic. With over 6 years’ experience as an industrial mechanic, he has since utilized this hands-on knowledge, from the handling complex production machines to onsite technician processes, to shape the creation of AR content for industrial companies.

My Sessions

Live Enterprise AR Authoring: Create an Industrial AR Application in Just 15mins

Room K3

Thinking about launching your own enterprise AR strategy? Worried that it all sounds too technical? In just 15 minutes we can show you how easy it is to author your own AR application for industrial use cases with REFLEKT ONE. It will all be done in 3 simple steps: import, edit and publish. We will […]

Enterprise Track