Barbara Streppel

Software Engineer, MaibornWolff GmbH

Barbara Streppel has been a software engineer at MaibornWolff since mid-2017. Prior to this, she completed her studies in mechanical engineering with a focus on information technology. The combination of classical computer science with hardware-related machine topics results in a differentiated view of software projects. Her term paper included the implementation of an Android AR application. Her master thesis, which was awarded the VDI Prize, deals with the topic of the various interaction concepts in the VR. At MaibornWolff she is part of the usability community and leads the internal AR/VR community researching new applications for AR/VR.

My Sessions

User-Centered XR

Room E119

In our talk we would like to share our initial findings with you: We present ideas, methods and results from all three phases. We will use prototypes of various control concepts for VR with subsequent evaluation as a reference. We will talk about the difficulties and hurdles in developing VR/AR applications on the basis of an example project. And last but not least we look forward to discussing questions like “How can I transfer 2D design methods into 3-dimensional” or “Is the questionnaire of ISO 9241/110 also applicable to VR applications?” with the participants.

Design Track