Bernd-Jan de Rooij

Manager International Business Development, Innovam

I can lean on 24 years of experience in the field of automotive training and consultancy. I am specialised in international training development and Train-The-Trainer program executions and have supported the Global top-20 of automotive brands in developing and delivering inspiring training programs to skill and enthuse their dealer staff in the markets they operate in. It is my personal passion to support peoples personal growth by implementing new developments that can enrich the overall learning experience for each trainee, young and old. Today’s AR and VR technologies offer great possibilities and have given us the chance to implement interesting cases for the clients that trust us and are open to innovate.

My Sessions

Enrich Your learning Xperience with AR!

Room K3

Augmented Reality creates great possibilities to enrich the learning experience of students and professional trainees. Innovam supports a growing number of international clients and vocational schools to enhance the efficiency of their Training Academy programs, using our proven ‘blended learning’ philosophy to provide the right combination of learning content to the end users. Mixing the […]

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