Bernhard Drax

Producer, draxtor™

Award-winining media maker Bernhard Drax – also known as Draxtor™ in social VR – has produced more than 200 mini-documentaries on the subject of economic and creative opportunities virtual worlds via his “Drax Files World Makers” series on YouTube. He has a background in music as well as news radio. He recently completed the documentary “Our Digital Selves” for the National Science Foundation which examines embodiment and place-making in social VR as it empowers people with various disabilities. He is currently finishing up the soundtrack for the French film “Mamatchki” as well as preparing a VR mini-series for Luxembourg television featuring Linden Lab’s Sansar platform as playground for historical re-enactment.

My Sessions

Our Digital Selves: Embodiment and Place-Making in Social VR

Room K4

In this presentation, filmmaker Bernhard Drax will illuminate the unique narrative approach of the project [personal anecdotes like Cody LaScala’s near drowning as a baby have been re-enacted in specially made sets in VR] as well as contextualize the potential of social VR to transcend boundaries not only for people with mobility issues but for everyone seeking to fulfill the dream of a global village guided by the principles of inclusion and accessibility.

Life Track