Chris Freeman

Technical Fellow, AMRC with Boeing

Chris Freeman is theme lead for Digital Manufacturing and technical fellow for Augmented Reality (AR) at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s (AMRC) Factory 2050. His research is focused on the medium to high TRL (Technology Readiness Level) development and integration of AR, VR, IoT and AI technologies in respect of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), assembly and digitally connected environments. With a master’s degree in design & manufacture, he is a specialist in the area of advanced visualisation, focusing on VR & AR. Chris has a wide range of experience demonstrating applications for aerospace, construction, civil nuclear, automotive and military sectors. As part of Factory 2050 he leads an exceptionally talented team delivering AMRC Factory 2050’s Digital Manufacturing capability, incorporating Manufacturing Informatics and Digitally Assisted Assembly, and developing work streams on the applied use of AR / VR, AI and IoT technologies.

My Sessions

Visualisation Driven Manufacturing

Room E101/102

The session will explore how far down this journey we are, what are the current best in class examples and what are the most prevalent barriers at present.

Enterprise 2 Track