Chris Wróbel

VR/AR Expert, vRational

Chris is a Virtual and Augmented Reality expert and evangelist, currently working as a Tech Product Manager for VR, AR, and Machine Learning (ML) projects. For the past two years, he has been helping other companies embrace emerging technologies (VR/AR/ML), build product teams and business strategies.

He gained business experience co-founding tech startups, like Gripit, VelociCaptor or Foodsapp.
He is also a co-organiser of VR/AR Warsaw meetup and a passionate sports climber.

My Sessions

Using VR and Imitation Machine Learning Algorithms for Training Robots

Room E119

Robotics and VR have a huge potential to be used hand-in-hand e.g. for improving industrial processes with a teleoperation or a human-curated robot training.
In this talk, I will explain how to incorporate Machine Learning training into Unity projects and additionally use VR control for imitation learning algorithms accessible in ML Agents library. Besides, I will share the story of improving VR game experience with the UR3 industrial robot „Marvin”.  

Develop Track