Denver Dash

Director of Machine Learning, Occipital, Inc.

Denver Dash is a machine learning and computer vision generalist who has been leading the machine learning effort at Occipital since May of 2018. His work focuses on distinguishing the practice of machine learning and computer vision for industrial versus academic use. Previously he led the gesture recognition and hand tracking effort at Magic Leap where his team developed cutting edge machine learning methods to track hands robustly with aggressive mobile compute and sensing constraints. Prior to Magic Leap, Denver spent 10 years at Intel, the last six of which were spent as a Sr. Research Scientist at the Intel Research lab at Carnegie Mellon University, where he served as adjunct faculty at the Robotics Institute, developing novel multi-modal computer vision approaches and generative models for causal understanding.

My Sessions

When Geometry Met Learning

Room K4

In this talk, we’ll explore a few of these existing applications, and how they will evolve once they are combined with a machine learning approach that is built specifically to consume and analyze 3D data.

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