Dr. Ed Cardiff

NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

Dr. Ed Cardiff is a doctor, technologist and NHS clinical entrepreneur. He works for the NHS in London, United Kingdom.

As an innovator, Ed works with Proximie, an augmented reality platform that allows doctors to remotely transport themselves into any clinical setting, anywhere in the world. By overlaying the live video feed with rich augmented reality content, Proximie aims to provide safe, accessible and cost effective surgery to patients globally. Proximie has enjoyed success with early adoption by major medical institutions and NGOs and won multiple awards including Foreign Press Association Science Story of the Year. Ed enjoys collaborating with innovators from many different countries and specialties to bring the benefits of AR technology to the wider population.

My Sessions

Proximie: Augmented Reality Providing a Global Response to Local Surgical Challenges

Room K4

Using the simple and intuitive Proximie AR platform, access to surgical training is possible from any device with an internet connection, from anywhere in the world. Learning can begin from one’s own home or institution and reach all corners of the world where the local population may benefit form live surgical collaboration between specialists. Thus, Proximie may provide part of a complete telehealth solution to support healthcare systems, clinicians and patients worldwide, in an effective and sustainable way for the future.

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