Dr Fridolin Wild

Director of the Performance Augmentation Lab, Oxford Brookes University

Dr Fridolin Wild is a Senior Research Fellow, leading the Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) of Oxford Brookes University, located in the Department of Computing and Communications Technologies. With the research and development of the lab, Fridolin seeks to close the dissociative gap between abstract knowledge and its practical application, researching radically new forms of linking directly from knowing something ‘in principle’ to applying that knowledge ‘in practice’ and speeding its refinement and integration into polished performance.

My Sessions

Training 4.0: AR Experience Capturing and Sharing

Room K3

Dr Wild will report on findings of his Performance Augmentation Lab at Oxford Brookes University, with examples from the WEKIT and TCBL projects, with examples of AR for training of astronauts, airplane maintenance engineers, radiologists, textile and clothing businesses.

Enterprise Track