Emilie Joly

CEO, apelab

Emilie is an AR/VR/MR interaction designer and CEO of apelab. She is leading new pipelines for designers and engineers focused on the future of computing using blockchain technology.

Invited speaker at some of the most influential conferences such as the GDC, TED, Sundance Festival or Unity Vision Summit, she loves to share insights on design and user-experience processes with an audience.

Creative at heart and technologist by experience, she wants to push design capabilities through collaboration to build high-quality immersive experiences.

My Sessions

Startup Pitches

Room K4

Pitches from promising startups that are currently fundraising in order to innovate and solve problems in XR. The following companies will be presenting pitches: Augmented Robotics DigitalTwin Technology GmbH Tutch apelab Augumenta Parallel XR Valkyrie Industries Ltd Volograms Apostera Augment Iristick VividQ

Startup Pitch