Dr. Fadi Chehimi

Digital Innovations Consultant, IBM

Fadi is a Digital Innovations Consultant at IBM. With extensive hands-on technical and UX background, he consults for clients on how to apply and deliver mobile, IoT and cognitive to transform their digital business and products. Recently, he has added AR and VR to his roster which he has deep knowledge of and experience with from his PhD research.

During his research, Fadi explored and created first-of-a-kind Mixed Reality concepts for advertising and gaming on mobile phones, back when devices could barely track markers and render AR content at 12 frames per second. He is an AR and VR advocate and regularly found solving problems through the lens of the end user.

Fadi believes the “black swan” for AR and VR has already been found, but it is the duty of ‘lateral experience design” to better shape and deliver it within the existing technological constraints. His goal is to facilitate and push that through research and consulting.

My Sessions

XR: From Hyper to Actual Experiences

Hall 3

In this talk i will cover a list of those issues which I have gathered from my research and professional work. I will share some of what i believe are the best examples of AR and VR that cleverly navigated through those limitations and achieved high levels of immersiveness.

Main Stage