Filip Healy

Founder and Director of UX Research, Threesixty Reality

Filip has over 15 years worth of experience under his belt, planning, managing and executing user research and user centred design projects of all shapes and sizes, from running hundreds of lab tests with users to planning 12 month user research programmes for some of the world’s leading digital and technology brands, including Sony, Orange, Microsoft, EE, Intel, Google, Vodafone, BBC, News UK, Sky and Samsung.
Since 2016, Filip has focused on bringing the same level of user centred design practice to immersive tech and today runs a specialised VR/AR research lab in London and Threesixty Reality, a UX consultancy specialising in immersive tech.
Filip has a background in Psychology and human behaviour, and a M.Sc. in Human Computer Interaction.

My Sessions

Making immersive tech more usable: Involving target users in your design process

Room E119

In this talk I’ll discuss how this applies to immersive tech and why it’s more important than ever to understand actual user behaviour and develop new interaction paradigms that deliver on the potential of VR and AR platforms. I’ll talk through the process of running studies with users, when to test the design, how to […]

Design Track