Henrik Krohn

COO, XMReality

Henrik Krohn is the COO of XMReality, a company dedicated to knowledge sharing using the latest technologies, since October 2017. He inspires and motivates his team to exceed customer expectations, making sure that the clients of XMReality is in for the long run.
Henrik has a broad managerial experience focused on customer centric business development from international programs and organizations such as CGI, ARRIS, and Motorola. He holds a MSC in Industrial Engineering and Management.

My Sessions

Augmented Reality in Reality – a field study

Room K4

A recent field study shows that using AR, as opposed to traditional video calls, to help people across distances, is 23% faster and results in half the number of errors.

 XMReality’s COO Henrik Krohn presents these, and other interesting findings, from the field study of 200 test subjects carried out July – August 2018.

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