Kornelius Brunner

SVP, Product Management / Chief Innovation Officer, TeamViewer

Kornelius Brunner has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at TeamViewer since June, 2016. As part of the company’s original team, Kornelius previously headed TeamViewer’s Product Management as well as Research & Development. He has more over a decade of experience in the software development industry and has played an essential role helping TeamViewer expand in the market since the company’s founding in 2005.
Prior to joining TeamViewer, Kornelius held various roles in software development and key accounting at Rossmanith GmbH, a provider of solutions for quality assurance and ISO 9001 certifications, and IQment, a provider of web-based e-commerce and content management solutions.

My Sessions

TeamViewer: Remote Assistance using Augmented Reality

Hall 3

TeamViewer, the #1 in remote support & remote access, and Augmented Reality? How does this go together? Find out what TeamViewer has to announce.

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