Kourosh Atefipour

CEO, Valkyrie Industries Ltd

Kourosh is Co-founder and CEO of Valkyrie Industries. With over 8 years of experience working in design and Innovation for giant tech companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Intel, Kourosh has been an integral part of road mapping future trends and creating project pipelines for 10 to 15 years ahead. Having completed his double masters from Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, Kourosh went on to create Valkyrie Industries, a tech start-up building the world’s first AI powered haptic wearable that delivers weight and textures in Virtual simulations.

My Sessions

Startup Pitches

Room K4

Pitches from promising startups that are currently fundraising in order to innovate and solve problems in XR. The following companies will be presenting pitches: Augmented Robotics DigitalTwin Technology GmbH Tutch apelab Augumenta Parallel XR Valkyrie Industries Ltd Volograms Apostera Augment Iristick VividQ

Startup Pitch