Lance Anderson

CMO, Consultant, & Advisor, Lance AR

Lance-AR provides market and product strategy consulting services for Augmented Reality (AR) application providers and hardware manufacturers, as well as advisory services for enterprise corporations, VCs, and start-ups. Through direct experience with hundreds of companies and individuals from around the globe who are pioneering thousands of different AR use cases, Lance-AR is in the unique position to help companies and individuals implement AR experiences today, that deliver real value today, which use the hardware and software available today.

Lance Anderson is a CMO, Product Strategist, Consultant, Advisor, and Speaker for hire. An industry-leading voice in the field of AR deployment for both industry and the consumer user. Focused on AR deployment strategy, planning, and execution in the now term, Lance has a keen eye towards future-proofing the user’s experience. Nurturing creativity and future exploration/innovation while relentlessly guiding financial investment toward the immediate and successful deployment of AR. Balancing form and fashion in the product strategy of both AR hardware and application software is the key to user adoption

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My Sessions

XR in Retail Panel

Hall 3

This panel will explore the why, how, and challenges of XR in Retail: Why: Psychology behind purchasing, visualization, and training How: Explore use cases from Daimler & Audi Challenges: Hardware, Software Platforms, Distribution, Support

Main Stage