Marcus Knöll

Head of Solid Pharma Service Bosch, Huettlin GmbH, A Bosch Packaging Technology Company

Marcus Knöll is a pharmacist and graduate from Philipps Universität Marburg, Germany. After a six-month research internship at the University of Florida, USA, he completed his doctoral thesis entitled “Enteric-coated Mucoadhesive Micro- pellets in Rotary Agglomeration Process for Wet Spheronization” (2002–2005). 2005 he founded and developed the Pharma Service” within Hüttlin/Bosch in Schopfheim, Germany. Since 2017 he holds the position of “Head Pharma Service Solid”.

My Sessions

Implementation of Augmented Reality in the Pharmaceutical Process Environment

Room K3

The speech will start off with the key driver for the traditional pharmaceutical industry striving to look for “relatively new technology” in order to reduce cost – whether it is cost ownership or the reduced quality cost. Bosch Packaging Technology introduced augmented reality as a possible solution to the pharmaceutical industry. The presentation will reveal […]

Enterprise Track