Mark Christian

Global Director of Immersive Learning, Pearson

Mark is an educational technology and product management professional focused on transforming education and training through the use of mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality and 360° content. Mark is based in London and currently heads up Pearson Immersive, a division of Pearson Education focusing on AR, VR and 360 content. Prior to joining Pearson mark founded a startup in Australasia focusing on e-learning content. Mark has worked in various roles in education technology both in Australia, New Zealand and the US for both the private and public sectors.

My Sessions

Immersive Products in the Classroom

Room K4

The education and training sector is taking a leading role in the adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality content for mainstream audiences. This presentation will discuss some of the things that Pearson Education, the World’s largest education publisher has discovered works for education and some of the things that don’t. It will include examples […]

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