Michael Muzik

Consultant at Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting, Lufthansa Systems

Starting at the frontline with the Check In, Michael Muzik gained more than 20 years of varied airline experience within the Lufthansa Group. His career at Lufthansa German Airlines has developed and grown through Cabin Crew Recruitment, Crew Management, and Revenue Accounting to being on the vendor side with Lufthansa Systems. At Lufthansa Systems he worked as a Senior Product Manager and Product Consultant for several operational products, including Operations Control, Crew Management, Passenger Connection (Hub) and Turnaround Management as well as Weight and Balance, after switching to the Lufthansa Systems Airline Consulting division.

My Sessions

The Future of Load Control: Bringing 2D into 3D

Room K3

3D visualization has long been one of the main movers in surgery training, in architecture as well as in landscape and environmental planning. 3D visualization technologies were enabler for improvements to many aspects of the quality of work executions. So why not using it also in Load Control, where the conventional Load plans are still in 2D or not even graphical?

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