Pablo Fraile

Director Developer Ecosystems, Arm

Pablo Fraile is the director of developer ecosystems for the Client line of Business of Arm. In his role, he works with the mobile software developer community to increase the quality and performance levels of applications such as gaming, and drive the adoption of APIs and standards across new ones like machine learning and virtual reality.

Before joining Arm, Pablo worked at Frontier Smart in Cambridge. There, he fulfilled a number of technical and commercial roles before heading the product management team, where he directed their solution strategy and built partnerships with global players in content distribution, web and semiconductor industries. Previous to Frontier, he was part of the video and graphics team at Imagination Technologies.

My Sessions

AR: Lessons from the Mobile Revolution

Room E119

For over 25 years, Arm has carried out its vision of enabling low-power technology wherever computing happens. With a vibrant global ecosystem of over 1,100 partners and over 100 billion Arm-based chips shipped to date, Arm processors started the mobile revolution and now are a key part of today’s connected world.

Yet, another compute revolution is on the horizon.

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