Pablo Richter

Principal Expert Optical Technologies, Continental Automotive

2005 – 2012 Groupleader head-up displays
2006 -2012 Projectleader: First 2nd generation HUD
2007 – 2016 Project leader of several HUD Innovation Projects
2010 Nomination as Senior Technical Expert “Optical Systems”
2017 Nomination as Principal Expert “Optical Technologies”
2017 – mid 2018 Delegation to Silicon Valley for Project “Holographic Waveguide AR HUD”

My Sessions

Holographic Waveguide AR Head-up Display

Room K3

Highly automated driving systems in cars of the future are complex and requiring therefor an intuitive Dialog between the Driver and the driver assistance System. Augmented reality head-up displays (AR HUD) fullfilling this request. They offer a virtual Image in front of the Driver in a certain projection distance directly in the field of view […]

Enterprise Track