Preston Platt

CTO, Rock Paper Reality

As CTO and a founder of Rock Paper Reality, Preston is a versatile and accomplished Art Director, 3D Designer, and XR Developer with over 16 years working in 3D modeling and animation. Preston has strategized and executed award-winning designs and applications for the enterprise and entertainment industry, digital agencies, and top-tier brands. Since 2010, Preston has developed AR/XR experiences for platforms such as Google, ODG, Microsoft, Magic Leap and mobile devices alike.

Few people are as well versed as Preston in dense mesh optimization, AI utilities, spatial computing, computer vision, 3D rendering, and AR SDKs in the industry, making him uniquely qualified to rapidly solve AR/XR challenges with best-in-class solutions.

My Sessions

From Desktop to Mobile: Creating mobile-ready Asset Pipelines Optimized for XR

Room E101/102

Some of the biggest challenges with mobile XR are compute and render limitations which lead to latency, poor performance, and low quality 3D content. This presentation will overview the biggest hurdles with today’s 3D asset pipelines and provide real-world examples of how companies can create photo-realistic asset workflows optimized for mobile XR.

Enterprise 2 Track