Robert Wilde

UX Designer & Software Engineer, Siemens

I’m a MSc in Media Informatics, Software Engineer and 2D/3D Artist, with experience in Human-Machine Interaction, Interaction Design, User Experience Design and Graphics Design. My interests are just as broad, and everything seems to come together when working in research and development on Augmented & Virtual Reality as well as Artificial Intelligence. Basically, it’s all about building Iron Man.

My Sessions

My Sessions

Training in AR and VR

Room E119

The talk greatly focuses about the technical and user experience challenges for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality engineering training at Siemens. From getting the data, creating the experience, to future use cases that include AI assistants. We want to answer the question of how to use VR/AR truly productively in the industrial setting.

Design Track

XR Training Panel

Room K3

How are AR/VR changing the face of training in the military, enterprise, and beyond? • Understand the main drivers for using VR for scenario based training and its role in onboarding & knowledge retention • Hear about the lessons learned from initial pilot programs and where best results are being seen so far • Find […]

Enterprise Track