Selin Kampa

Product Owner of AR/VR, Siemens

Selin Kampa is responsible for encouraging digitalization by providing AR/VR solutions to support the power plant business as a Product Owner of AR/VR Technologies at Siemens Power and Gas Solutions, Digitalization department.

Her passion for mixed reality developed from her interest in game technologies during her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. She continued her studies with a master’s degree in Media Informatics at RWTH Aachen University and gained experience developing industrial AR/VR solutions using various devices and technologies at Fraunhofer FIT, where she also wrote her thesis about Blended Learning in AR.

Selin creates user-centered and immersive AR/VR experiences with the motivation to enhance the way humans perceive reality.

My Sessions

Power Plants with AR/VR

Room K3

AR extends the reality by visualizing data in three dimensions while preserving employees’ focus on reality, especially during hands-on tasks. Realistic virtual content positioned correctly on real environment provides a better spatial understanding than computer screens. We can achieve more when we use our native abilities and senses. In power plant business, starting from sales and marketing until engineering and erection, there are use-cases of AR/VR. This session will be about why and how we use AR/VR at Siemens Power and Gas Division, Solution business.

Enterprise Track