Tom Pedersen

Technical Trainer, Robert Bosch A/S

Tom Pedersen is a technical trainer in Robert Bosch Denmark and is deeply involved in the implementation of AR in Automotive technical training courses at Bosch worldwide. Tom Pedersen holds AR-supported education in Scandinavia and the training center in Denmark will be one of the first Bosch training centers that is fully supported by AR.

He is convinced that by using AR in teaching situations, it is possible to visualize many of the very complex structures that are in modern automotive technology such as electric and hybrid cars or radar and camera systems on self-driving cars, in an easily understandable manner.

My Sessions

Bosch Technical Trainings Supported by Augmented Reality

Hall 3

The presentation explains about this innovative training application and it’s challenges, it describes the technical solution approach and provides initial feedback and learnings from training sessions that were held in Bosch training facilities and during public events.

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